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Negligence can cause or exacerbate meconium aspiration

The birthing process may seem relatively straightforward, especially considering how many births occur each year in the U.S. Additionally, doctors and nurses have extensive training and experience that allows them to prepare for the unexpected and act appropriately when complications arise.

Yet, medical professionals sometimes fail to act properly, which can result in a devastating outcome for mothers and their babies.

How your doctor can help you stay safe during and after surgery

Preparing for surgery can be stressful. You might be worried about the outcome or about going under with anesthesia. Perhaps you're worried about other issues as well, such as who will care for your children at home while you're in the hospital. While there's no guarantee that everything will go as you hope, you can at least rely on your medical team to do their job right in a best-case scenario.

There are certain problem issues that can arise at any time. However, if your medical team is on-task, they can help you prevent or overcome many potentially life-threatening situations. Sadly, medical negligence results in serious patient injuries in Indiana and other states throughout the country.

Indianapolis firm ready to fight for birth injury victims

Although the period of time leading up to the birth of a child can be filled with anticipation and joy, it can also be tinged with anxiety. In addition to thoughts about how a new child may change one's day-to-day life, there are usually accompanying thoughts about the child's health. This is normal.

Yet, the fear is not unfounded. Far too often medical professionals make mistakes that lead to serious injuries and life-long harm. This can be soul-crushing, heart-wrenching and financially devastating.

Vicarious liability in medical malpractice lawsuits

Medical errors can be costly. Victims are often left with a worsened medical condition that can be painful and expensive to treat. To make matters worse, these individuals are usually unable to work while they seek to recover their health, which means that they lack the financial means to cover their damages.

While a medical malpractice lawsuit against a negligent doctor or nurse may prove beneficial, the truth of the matter is that even these well-paid professionals may not have the financial resources to adequately compensate a medical malpractice victim.

Errors in electronic health records can lead to malpractice

A lot of trust is placed in the doctors who treat us. When they make a diagnosis or recommend a course of treatment, Hoosiers rarely second guess it. Yet, a recent discovery has shown that many unsuspecting patients may be at risk of being harmed or even killed by medical malpractice. This is because electronic health records, known EHRs, are proving more problematic than many expected.

There are a number of ways that EHRs and medical professionals' interactions with them can put a patient at risk.

Man recovers compensation after major surgical error

Surgeons receive an extensive amount of education and training before they are able to fully perform their job duties on patients. One would think that this would mean that these medical professionals know what they are doing and that, as a result, patients will be kept safe from harm. Sadly, though, doctors frequently make errors. While some of these surgical mistakes are relatively minor in nature, others can have life-long, or life-threatening, consequences.

One man was subjected to a more serious surgical error when his doctor accidentally tore his uterine wall during what was supposed to be a routine cystoscopy examination. The man had been experiencing blood in his urine, causing him to seek medical advice. The operation, where a little camera is inserted into the urethra to determine the cause of such symptoms, should be low risk. However, in this man's case, the camera tore through urethral wall. The incident has led to the need for additional medical operations, additional tears, and the development of scar tissue that has left him with pain and urination issues.

Did something go wrong during the assisted delivery of your baby?

The most dangerous times of any airplane flight are during takeoff and landing. The remainder of the trip is ordinarily uneventful with the exception of some turbulence. What does an airplane ride have to do with your pregnancy? Most mothers in Indiana would agree that the most dangerous time of any pregnancy is labor and delivery.

Under normal circumstances, this is when you face the highest chance of something going wrong. Your doctor probably always keeps the possibilities in the back of his mind, even if you had a picture-perfect pregnancy (try saying that five times fast!). Depending on the circumstances, you may need an emergency C-section, or your doctor may opt for your permission to perform an assisted delivery.

Medication errors can occur in a variety of ways

Medication is a common tool used by medical professionals to treat a wide variety of conditions and symptoms of those conditions. When used correctly, pharmaceuticals can have profoundly positive results. Sometimes they can even eliminate symptoms and entirely cure certain medical conditions.

On the other hand, medication errors can be extremely harmful or deadly. This is why medical professionals need to take extreme care when prescribing and administering medication.

Birth injuries and hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy

It may be scary for expecting parents to think about, but the fact is that birth injuries are a reality in the medical profession. While some of these injuries are unavoidable, a significant portion of them are preventable when appropriate medical care is given to mothers and their babies. Yet, far too often medical professionals make errors, whether through inattention, mistake or downright recklessness. When this happens, innocent children can suffer injuries with life-long ramifications.

Hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy is one way that a baby can suffer serious harm. This medical condition occurs when the brain is deprived of oxygen, causing brain cells to die. Once these cells die, they release toxins into the body. The culmination of this process can leave a child with long-term disabilities, including cerebral palsy. Although certain treatment, referred to as "cooling treatment," can reduce the risk and severity of symptoms, this option must be quickly identified and utilized if it is to have any success.

Harmed by a misdiagnosis? Legal help is available

Last week on the blog, we discussed breast cancer diagnoses and the importance of ordering and properly interpreting cancer-detecting tests. Patients are completely reliant on medical professionals to make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe an effective course of treatment. When doctors fail to do so, the results can be nothing short of tragic.

A misdiagnosis or wrong diagnosis can allow a disease like cancer to spread, thereby leading to a worsened medical condition. Such medical negligence can also lead to a decreased chance of survival. Even those who are fortunate enough to fight off their disease in spite of a doctor's error may still suffer from a decreased quality of life.

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