There are a number of deadly medical conditions out there. Cancer is perhaps the scariest amongst them. Fortunately, many forms of cancer can be effectively treated if caught early enough. This, however, requires quick and accurate diagnoses, which is why it is important that doctors live up to the duty of care they owe to their patients. A failure to diagnose can lead to a worsened medical condition, a decreased chance of survival, and even death.One treatable type of cancer is prostate cancer. There are many ways that an individual can be screened for and diagnosed with prostate cancer. As far as screening goes, a doctor can conduct a physical exam or a blood test. These screening techniques are used to identify abnormalities that can then be tested for cancer.There are also a number of tests to determine whether or not an abnormality is cancerous. Ultrasounds, for example, can allow a doctor to obtain a full image of an abnormality within the body to better determine its cause. A biopsy allows a doctor to remove and actually test the tissue to determine if it is cancerous. If prostate cancer is detected, then additional testing can be conducted to determine how aggressive it is within the patient.If caught in its early stages, prostate cancer can sometimes be effectively treated an even beaten. However, far too often medical professionals fail to make accurate and timely diagnoses. Sometimes they even order the correct test to diagnose a medical condition but then fail to accurately read those test results. Regardless of how it occurs, medical malpractice is unacceptable. Those who have been harmed by hospital or doctor negligence should consider taking legal action to impose liability and recover compensation for the damages that have been unfairly imposed upon them.