It may be scary for expecting parents to think about, but the fact is that birth injuries are a reality in the medical profession. While some of these injuries are unavoidable, a significant portion of them are preventable when appropriate medical care is given to mothers and their babies. Yet, far too often medical professionals make errors, whether through inattention, mistake or downright recklessness. When this happens, innocent children can suffer injuries with life-long ramifications.

Hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy is one way that a baby can suffer serious harm. This medical condition occurs when the brain is deprived of oxygen, causing brain cells to die. Once these cells die, they release toxins into the body. The culmination of this process can leave a child with long-term disabilities, including cerebral palsy. Although certain treatment, referred to as “cooling treatment,” can reduce the risk and severity of symptoms, this option must be quickly identified and utilized if it is to have any success.

There are a number of causes of this medical condition. A mother’s low blood pressure, placental abruption, hemorrhage, and trauma inflicted during the birth process can all result in oxygen deprivation. But these are just a few of the causes. Symptoms of the condition include seizures, irregular breathing, pale or blueish skin, and poor muscle tone.

Again, while treatment may be available, it success is highly dependent upon a doctor’s ability to accurately diagnose the condition at hand and implement the proper course of treatment. But when a doctor fails to recognize the tell-tale signs of a serious medical condition like this and injuries result, then a medical malpractice lawsuit may be justified. By taking legal action, a family may not only be able to impose liability and recover compensation for damages, but they might also be able to deter other medical professionals from acting negligently in the future. This could prevent others from suffering the profound impact of preventable birth injuries.