Last week on the blog, we discussed breast cancer diagnoses and the importance of ordering and properly interpreting cancer-detecting tests. Patients are completely reliant on medical professionals to make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe an effective course of treatment. When doctors fail to do so, the results can be nothing short of tragic.

A misdiagnosis or wrong diagnosis can allow a disease like cancer to spread, thereby leading to a worsened medical condition. Such medical negligence can also lead to a decreased chance of survival. Even those who are fortunate enough to fight off their disease in spite of a doctor’s error may still suffer from a decreased quality of life.

This can all cause extensive emotional and financial losses, as more extensive medical treatment may be required, and the uncertainty of one’s future may be frightening.

It is unacceptable for these situations to arise through medical neglect. Errant medical professionals need to be held accountable for their mistakes, which is why those harmed by medical neglect should consider pursuing a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Skilled legal professionals, like those at Johnson Jensen LLP, stand ready to battle doctors, nurses, and hospitals who claim no part in medical mistakes that have left victims with significant losses. These attorneys know how to assess the facts at hand in light of the law and gather evidence to build the strongest cases possible.

This is the only way to strengthen one’s chances at succeeding at reaching a favorable resolution, whether through negotiation or litigation. By presenting as strong of a case is possible, liability may be imposed and compensation recovered for damages like pain and suffering, lost wages, and medical expenses. Our firm understands the hardships associated with being diagnosed with a serious medical condition on account of medical neglect. We know that an individual dealing with one of these conditions may want to focus on their family and their health rather than deal with the conflict associated with a legal claim.