Surgeons receive an extensive amount of education and training before they are able to fully perform their job duties on patients. One would think that this would mean that these medical professionals know what they are doing and that, as a result, patients will be kept safe from harm. Sadly, though, doctors frequently make errors. While some of these surgical mistakes are relatively minor in nature, others can have life-long, or life-threatening, consequences.

One man was subjected to a more serious surgical error when his doctor accidentally tore his uterine wall during what was supposed to be a routine cystoscopy examination. The man had been experiencing blood in his urine, causing him to seek medical advice. The operation, where a little camera is inserted into the urethra to determine the cause of such symptoms, should be low risk. However, in this man’s case, the camera tore through urethral wall. The incident has led to the need for additional medical operations, additional tears, and the development of scar tissue that has left him with pain and urination issues.

The man filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against the doctor who performed the exam, and a jury recently awarded him $3.6 million. Reports indicate that a settlement was reached after the verdict was issued, though. While the details of that settlement have not been disclosed, it means that the jury’s verdict will not be enforced. There may be many reasons for accepting the settlement, including quicker recovery of damages.

Sadly, it’s not uncommon for unsuspecting patients to be harmed during what should be routine medical procedures. When harm is suffered as a result of a doctor’s failure to live up to the applicable standard of care, then a medical malpractice lawsuit may be justified. Those who find themselves in this position may want to consult with an experienced attorney to learn more about how to best approach their case.