Although the period of time leading up to the birth of a child can be filled with anticipation and joy, it can also be tinged with anxiety. In addition to thoughts about how a new child may change one’s day-to-day life, there are usually accompanying thoughts about the child’s health. This is normal.

Yet, the fear is not unfounded. Far too often medical professionals make mistakes that lead to serious injuries and life-long harm. This can be soul-crushing, heart-wrenching and financially devastating.

Previously on the blog, we discussed cerebral palsy, including its causes and effects. As damaging as this medical condition can be for a child and his or her family, it is just one of many medical problems that can result from a birth injury.

Because these medical mishaps during childbirth can have enormous consequences for victims and their families, legal action is often not only justified, but necessary. This is why those affected by medical malpractice that resulted in a birth injury should carefully consider the best way to approach their case.

Medical malpractice cases can be enormously complex. Medical records can be extensive and difficult to obtain, witnesses may be hesitant to testify or may even unfairly contradict a victim’s position, and defense attorneys present various defenses that can threaten the viability of a claim. In other words, the process can be overwhelming to those who are unfamiliar with it.

But our team of experienced and highly skilled attorneys knows what it takes to build a compelling medical malpractice case. We diligently work with the numerous resources at our disposal to gather all evidence, including that which is harmful to the case, and pertinent witness accounts so that we can build the best legal arguments possible and anticipate and counter defense strategies. In the end, we want justice for our clients, and we feel that our record of success is a testament to our dedicated pursuit of that goal.