Last week on the blog we talked about a new study that found that women are more likely to be misdiagnosed after a heart attack, which leaves them susceptible to serious harm and death. As troubling as the statistics are, the scary reality is that a failure to diagnose can affect anyone.

Men and women are both at risk, but so, too, are children. The harm associated with a missed, wrong, or delayed diagnosis can be tremendous, which is why medical malpractice victims should try to do everything they can to not only recover compensation for their damages, but also to hold these medical professionals accountable.

One family did just that when they successfully pursued a medical malpractice lawsuit against the doctor who treated their 18-month-old daughter. According to reports, a radiologist misread the child’s chest X-ray and, as a result, failed to diagnose her with an enlarged heart. This led to the child going into cardiac arrest and suffering brain damage. Had her enlarged heart been detected during the chest-imaging process, that harm could have been avoided.

Imposing liability is a big step in the medical malpractice lawsuit process. However, even once liability is established, a victim must demonstrate the financial value of his or her harm. This can be a challenging feat under any circumstances, but it can be especially true when the victim is a child. Future medical expenses and pain and suffering are just a few of the damages that must be considered.

This is why Hoosiers who have been harmed by a negligent medical professional need to make sure they are able to make legal arguments that seek to both impose liability and demonstrate the extent of their damages. Legal professionals who are skilled in this area know how best to utilize the evidence at hand to craft compelling arguments to persuade a judge and jury.