Cancer and heart disease are known to be deadly. In fact, they are the top two causes of death in the United States. What comes in third place may be more surprising to you. CNBC reports that it is medical errors. The idea that you could go to the hospital to get medical care and end up dying due to a mistake is something that does not even cross most people’s minds.

The problem is something that people do not talk about a lot. Plus, those in the medical industry want to keep this information quiet because it makes the field look bad and can lead to higher medical malpractice costs. One study shows over 250,000 people die from mistakes with medical care every year, while others say that it could be as many as 440,000 people. This is something that needs to come to light, regardless of how it could impact the medical field.

Errors include everything from administering the wrong medication to making a mistake during a surgery. In any event, the issue is avoidable. It is due to human oversight. There are many regulations in the field already to help prevent such mistakes, but they are not working effectively.

Advocates for those who are victims of medical errors want stronger regulations. They say that more education and training can help prevent many mistakes. Also, ensuring medical providers follow proper protocols and stop taking shortcuts would have a positive impact.

In any case, something must happen to prevent any more deaths from preventable mistakes. It may take moves by lawmakers to get things where they need to be. This information is for education and is not legal advice.