When you check into the hospital for a procedure, you expect to receive proper care and to walk out healthy. The unfortunate reality is that’s not always the case. The truth is that, like those in every other profession, medical professionals make mistakes.

Though many do carry liability insurance policies, most states do not require physicians to carry or maintain a policy. In Indiana, the state does not require physicians to carry liability insurance, but most hospitals do. The problem is that medical errors can lead to further complications or even death for the patient who sufferers at the hands of negligence.

The following six statistics will open your eyes to the world of medical malpractice. As with any claim, the insurance company doesn’t want to pay.

  1. 250,000 – 440,000: The number of fatalities caused by medical negligence every year in the United States. That equates to roughly 10% of all U.S. deaths and the third leading cause of fatalities behind heart disease and cancer
  2. 21%: The percentage of Americans who have stated they fell victim to a medical error
  3. one in seven: The number of those on Medicare who has been a victimized by medical malpractice
  4. $29 billion: The estimated annual cost of medical malpractice errors
  5. One in 10: The number of doctors that stated they made a negligent medical error within three months before a survey performed by Mayo Clinic Proceedings
  6. 49-53%: The percentage of medical errors caused by registered nurses (RN’s) with a year or less experience prior to working with the victimized patient

All of these statistics come down to the victims needing a voice. Human error has been and will always be present in the workplace. Medical malpractice is not going away anytime soon.