When people arrive in the emergency room, many are in a state of panic. Feeling disoriented and overly stressed out is very common and unfortunately, many people experience additional problems as a result of mistakes during their stay. To an extent, some errors are difficult to avoid and relatively minor. However, many patients suffer as a result of critical errors that were completely preventable. This often makes one’s physical and mental health deteriorate further and brings on financial hardships, which underlines how crucial it is to explore legal options in the wake of medical professional negligence.

Negligence in the ER occurs for a host of reasons. Sometimes, medical workers fail to give patients the time and energy that they deserve. In some cases, bitter medical professionals even cause someone to suffer by failing to perform their job duties properly as a result of carelessness. Inexperience, fatigue and intoxication are other risk factors that cause many people to suffer while they are in the emergency room (and afterward).

Regrettably, it is very tough for some people to even recognize medical professional negligence. Some people struggle with remembering events while their life was on the line and those who do recall what took place sometimes do not have the energy or mental capacity to deal with holding a negligent medical professional accountable. However, it is imperative for those who do not provide patients with the attention and care that they deserve to answer for their actions, especially if they led to unnecessary suffering. Explore our ER errors page for more on emergency room mistakes.