It is common to see pregnant women looking very distressed when their due date comes and goes without the delivery of a baby. It often happens that babies decide they do not want to come on the date the doctor set for them to make their debut. If you have been in this situation, then you understand how frustrating it can be. However, your doctor probably told you it is nothing to worry about, and for the most part, he is probably correct.

The NCBI explains that not giving birth by your due date is usually not a concern as long as there are not signs that you or your baby are having issues. Doctors are much more concerned with early births since the rate of problems in this situation are much higher than those in a late birth situation.

However, there is still the potential to wait too long and introduce issues into your situation. The risks are mainly to the baby and can include an infection within the womb developing and the placenta not providing adequate nutrition. If left too long with issues, it increases the risks of a stillborn baby. This is why your doctor should induce labor if you go two weeks past your due date.

Your doctor also should carefully monitor you and the baby during the time after your due date to make sure there are no problems currently or that could develop. When it comes time to make a decision about induction, your doctor should include you in making that choice and explain why he or she thinks it is the right time to do it since induction may also pose some risks.