When your child has a diagnosis of a birth injury like cerebral palsy, you may feel lost. Your doctors and therapists will deal with a lot of the medical treatment, but there are a lot of things that you can do, as the parent, to help your child.

Cerebral palsy, according to WebMD, can affect children differently. Still, there are some common tips that you can help you to assist your child and to make life easier.

Keep Your Child Active

It helps if you keep your child active too. Your child may not be able to perform in sports with other kids his or her age, but there are different activities you can take part in with your child. Learn his or her limits. If he or she can walk, then you should help with walking, playing and any movements. You are there to help teach your child new skills.

Be a Therapist at Home

You do not have to end therapy at the doctor’s office. Instead, you can learn the right way to help your child exercise. If you know how to help him or her build muscle or balance, then you can work in your home to improve his or her physical health.

Do not Miss Appointments

Your child will have to frequent a variety of healthcare offices throughout his or her life. You will have to ferry him or her to specialists, therapists and pediatricians. It is important that you keep track of all of your child’s health care. You need to take an active role in your child’s care.