Surgery can be a scary experience for anyone in the Indianapolis area, whether it is a planned procedure or an emergency procedure. We all place our trust in the hands of the surgeons treating us, who are supposed to have the expertise to successfully perform the operation. Unfortunately, success is not always a guarantee and sometimes otherwise-preventable surgical errors occur, causing a worsened condition, the need for further medical treatment and pain and suffering. In fact, surgical errors make up over 25% of all preventable deaths due to medical errors.

Automated technology in the operating room

One option that is being tested to make surgeries safer is the use of automated technology. Surgical automated technology is making its way into the operating room. For example, one company recently made public a platform that provides surgeons with real-time intelligence and visualization. The aim is to make it easier for surgeons to make informed decisions and reduce avoidable medical errors.

That being said, issues of liability and medical malpractice will come up in cases of surgical errors, even if the surgeon was assisted by automated technology. Robots in the operating room cannot completely erase human error. Surgeons need to be held accountable when they make avoidable medical mistakes that harm patients.

What to do when you are the victim of a surgical error

Surgical errors have a wide breadth, and in the end no two cases are the same. It is important when pursuing a medical malpractice claim to take certain steps such as obtaining and reviewing medical records to identify provable facts, investigate the surgeon involved and review applicable Indiana laws and cases. Most people who have been harmed due to surgical errors do not necessarily have the experience to take on such cases on their own. Fortunately, medical malpractice attorneys understand what their clients have gone through, and they can be a useful resource.